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Follow Vs No Follow SEO Info

SEO is a very complicated industry. Because it is such a dynamic industry, many are puzzled by what works and what doesn’t. There has been much discussion about following vs no follow SEO. Below, we will be going over information you need to know when it comes to follow vs no follow SEO.

Follow Vs No Follow SEO

What Is a Follow Link?

When a website gets an inbound link, it is essentially a hyperlink pointing to that specific page. This offers the page a minimal SEO boost. A good way to break it down is to think of each link as a vote of confidence. The more votes of confidence you have, the more likely your webpage is a good page to rank within the search engines. Thus, the search engines like Google and Bing look to see what pages have the most ‘votes of confidence’ and ranks these pages accordingly. After all, why would a bunch of people be linking to a page that isn’t informative? Google utilizes its own system called ‘Page Rank’ in order to effectively calculate which websites have the most inbound links. A majority of the SEO world refers to these links as ‘link juice.’ The more ‘juice’ a website has, the better it will rank within the search engines rankings.

A followed link is essentially the links that are counted towards this juice. Thus, they are the links they are calculated in Google’s Page Rank algorithm which helps them boost the rankings of sites that have the ‘juice.’

What Is a No Follow Link?

A no follow link is a link that is not calculated towards the Page Rank equation. Because of this, it is something that is not meant to nor does it effectively boost a webpages rankings within the search engines. A no follow link is essentially created with a ‘no follow tag.’ It is a way of telling the search engines not to follow specific links Maine SEO Expert are good at looking at these different type of links. This was put in place to combat spammers and spam bots from spamming links to all kinds of blogs, forums, and more to ‘game the system.’

While no follow links might not necessarily directly boost SEO results, it doesn’t mean they aren’t effective ways to market a website or webpage. After all, they can still provide their own referral traffic which can help to generate more visitors to a website. It simply won’t help boosts the rankings organically within the search engines.

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